1. Registration

  1. The Organising Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application for Team or player registration to this competition.
  2. Registration is not final until full payment is received.

2. Normal rules apply with these exceptions

  1. Played on half pitch with smaller sized goals - 5m width; 2.4m height.
  2. Each team to take the field with seven (7) players - one of whom shall be the goalkeeper.
  3. Minimum number of players a team field is five (5).
  4. No off-side rule to apply.
  5. Opposition players must retire five (5) metres from all free-kicks, corners, etc.
  6. Penalty kicks to be taken from the centre of half circle line 8 metres from goal line.
  7. All goal-kicks to be taken from any spot inside the semi-circle (penalty area) on the side the ball went over the goal-line, but not in front of the goals.

3. Duration & Injury

  1. Games will be played in two (2) equal halves of :
    1. thirteen (13) minutes duration for the junior competition with exception of the Under 15s and 16s with an immediate changeover at half time.
    2. seventeen (17) minutes duration for the senior competition including the Under 15s and 16s with an immediate changeover at half time.
  2. Injured players may be treated on the field of play while game continues, but player/person rendering assistance must not interfere with the progress of the game.
  3. If interference does occur, game shall stop and re-start immediately with a "drop ball" at the place of infringement.
  4. If, at the discretion of the referee, interference is deemed to be deliberate, a free kick will be taken from the place. where the infringement occurred.
  5. Referee's, at their discretion, may order injured players from the field of play.

4. Interchange

  1. Players may be interchanged at any time during the game.
  2. Players leaving the field of play and entering must do so under the supervision of the game official.
  3. The player being replaced must be off the field before the replacement goes on.
  4. All interchanges must be made from 5 yards either side of the point where the half way line meets the sideline.

5. Cautions

  1. Players will be cautioned as in normal soccer.
  2. A player who is cautioned the second time during a match will be sent off.
  3. A player being sent from the field of play may take no further part in the game being played.
  4. Players being sent from the field of play will be stood down for a minimum of one game and may have to appear before the GDSFA Judiciary as required by GDSFA By-Laws.
  5. Illegal players taking the field of play will be sent off.

6. Teams & Players

  1. Players may only play for ONE team, i.e., their registered team. Borrowing of players temporarily is NOT permitted.
  2. A maximum of ten (10) players may be used per team per game.
  3. Subject to approval from the Organising committee, players may de-register from one team and re-register with another up to Round 7. Movement of players between teams after Round 7 is NOT permitted.

 7. Disputes

  1. Protests and disputes must be notified to the Organising committee within five minutes of the completion of the game.
  2. The decision of the referee shall be final and will not be considered as grounds for dispute.

8. Responsibilities

  1. Each team must nominate a minimum of two people who will be responsible for the team.
  2. Each team must nominate one person to officiate as a referee at the games.
  3. Each team must provide their own ball.

9. Before the Match

  1. Teams must report to the canteen no later than ten minutes prior to their kick off time.
  2. Players must print and sign their name on the team-sheet at the canteen prior to taking the field for a match. Only players that have signed the team-sheet may take the field for the commencement of a match. In exceptional circumstances, the Team Official may list players (that are arriving late) on the team-sheet who may take the field on arrival, subject to approval from an Organising Committee member. Before entering the field of play, the late player must be identified on the team-sheet by the referee. Where such players take part in a match, they must sign the team-sheet at the completion of the match. Team sheets that do not have all players' signatures appearing will be subject to loss of points.
  3. Teams not taking the field at the appointed time will forfeit the game.
  4. In the event of (b) not occurring or (c) occurring, the opposing team will get three (3) points plus three (3) goals awarded to them providing they are on the field of play and ready to kick-off.

10. Minimum Age

  1. Players wishing to play in the senior competition MUST have already turned 16 years of age.
  2. Players under 18 years must produce signed consent from their parent / guardian.

11. Team Size

  1. Teams may register a maximum of twelve (12) players during the competition.

12. Finals Player Qualification

  1. For all Finals each team must field players who have played three (3) matches for that team during preliminary rounds.

13. Prizes

  1. The Organising Committee shall award prizes to the winning team and the runner up in each age group division. The nature of the prize will be determined by the Organising Committee.

14. Uniform

  1. Players' uniform shall consist of socks, shorts, NUMBERED TEE SHIRTS / Jerseys of matching team colour. SHIN PADS MUST BE WORN and plastic or metal studs are not allowed. Any footwear deemed to be dangerous by the Organising Committee will not be permitted. The referee shall have the discretion to send a player from the field of play to make their footwear safe. Players not in proper team uniform - as specified on the application - will not be permitted to take the field. Breaches of this rule may result in loss of points.

15. Wet Weather

  1. Doubtful weather on the day of matches.
    1. It is the teams' responsibility to ascertain whether games will go ahead on the day. Teams WILL NOT be called by the Organising Committee.
    2. The team official/coach/manager is responsible for checking and subsequently informing the team whether the grounds are open for play by either :
      1. visiting www.greystanesfc.com.au where ground closure will be displayed on grounds & weather page. (Updated by 3:00 pm daily); or
      2. by phoning summer sevens coordinator on 0417 688 159.
  2. Washed out games will not be rescheduled.

16. Tournament Structure

  • The tournament will be conducted as follows :
    1. The four (4) teams with the most points shall qualify for the Semi-finals.
      1. Semi-finals will be 1 v 4 and 2 v 3.
      2. If points are equal, goal difference will decide the top team places.
      3. If goal difference is equal, the team having scored the greater number of goals during the tournament shall be the winner.
      4. If points, goal difference and goals are equal the winning team shall be decided by a play-off game.
      5. If, at the end of play-off game, scores are still level, teams change ends and play an additional five (5) minutes each way Golden Goal (game over when a goal is scored). If no result after extra time then a penalty shootout will take place as per FIFA rules.
    2. Points shall be awarded for each game as follows :


by forfeit

3 points + 3 goals 


by forfeit

0 points


17. The Finals

  1. The finals will be played 20 minutes per half normal Summer Sevens rules.
  2. In the event of a draw rule 16 (a) (v)  will apply.

18. Final Round

  1. On the final night of competition all teams will play if time permits. The top four teams shall play Semi-Finals and teams position 5 to 14 on the competition table will play to determine overall competition placing.
  2. In the event of a draw between teams playing for overall tournament positions shall be given equal placing as no extra time will be played.

Code of Conduct

  1. Referees are AT ALL TIMES to be treated with respect. Their decision is final. They will have the full backing of the Organising Committee.
  2. The Organising Committee reserves the right to suspend or expel any team found guilty of persistent misconduct.
  3. Team Officials will be responsible for their spectators. If persistent misbehaviour takes place the team will lose points and could face expulsion from the competition.
  4. Swearing and abuse will not be tolerated - penalties will be applied.
  5. Bathurst Street Park is an Alcohol & Smoke Free Free Zone. No alcohol or cigarettes is to be consumed on or near the playing fields. However, drinking within the confines of the compound is permitted.

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