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grading dates

A Player must attend all scheduled grading sessions unless directed otherwise by the Club committee. More grading information is listed on this page.
For safety reasons football boots and shin guards must be worn at all grading sessions by all participants. Grading dates for 2018 season will be posted by the end of January 2018.

what grading is

junior teams
The purpose of the grading system is to place each child into a team and level of competition that best suits their ability.  This will enable your child to have a chance in contributing to the team, learn football skills, develop as a player and receive enjoyment from participation. 

Please ensure you have your child at grading at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. 

placement & grading
Grading of players for junior teams (under 12 - 17) and placement of players for MiniRoos teams (under 5 – 11) plus selection of coaches and managers usually takes place over the two weeks following the last registration day.  At the end of this process, the team coach or manager contacts each player with team information & details.

If you have not heard, by late February, from a coach, manager or committee member regarding team placement, please contact the club registrar.


special notes
  • It's our club policy that all players have paid their annual fees in full.
  • A Player must attend all scheduled grading sessions except with prior approval from the club committee.
  • If you unable to attend grading, please advise the club registrar as soon as possible so that your inability to attend may be noted.
  • A player will not be graded if appropriate footwear and shin guards are not worn during the grading sessions.
  • Scheduled grading sessions may be reduced to one session with prior approval from the Club committee.


To avoid misunderstandings;

  • A player not attending a grading session will be assumed to have has decided not to play and will be removed from team lists without notice or further contact.

Prior to the season starting, your assistance will be required to carry out various tasks to ensure the season runs smoothly. Please assist by helping out when and wherever possible.

More questions? Please read this page before contacting the committee.

questions & answers

Grading can be a stressful time, particularly for parents. In order to demystify the process, the Club’s grading policy is outlined below.
Why we grade players
Age groups that are graded
Missing a grading session
Grading for field positions
Grading panel
Grading process is successful
Teams announcement
Number of players per team
Grading concerns

senior players

Senior players may be contacted directly by a returning coach/manager to organise a team for the new season. Players are encouraged to register online early or attend one of the scheduled registration days to ensure a place on the team.
coaches & managers

coaches & managers

Taking charge of a football team means giving back to the sport you’re passionate about and helping both your club and community.

Managers are sourced within your own team. Coaches are ideally sourced from within your team, particularly in the younger age groups. If the Club has any ‘free’ coaches they will be appointed as the need arises.


Training days & times are organised and set by the team coach to suit their availability. This is usually decided after consultation with players' parents. Venue and field space allocation may be decided by the Club committee depending on numbers of teams and day/time slot requirements.


Training day & times are organised and set by the miniroos co-ordinators and is usually decided after consultation with coaches.


During the playing season, parents are asked assist in field setup and canteen duties. It's just a couple of times and they aren't huge tasks but the more help we have the easier the job is.


uniform & equipment

Players must wear the official club uniform; game shirt, shorts & socks, in all games.  Shorts & socks will be available for purchase through the Club. More details, including cost will be available when team allocations are completed. Boots, shin guards & other football equipment may be purchased, in any colour, from your preferred sports store.


Football boots & shin guards are to be worn at all training sessions and games by all players, no exceptions.

player shirts

Each team receives a set of Club game shirts & balls that remain the property of Greystanes FC. They are issued to every team manager at the commencement of the season and must be returned to our equipment officer at the end of each season. The team manager normally issues a washing roster for the team.



Scheduled training and games always proceed unless you are notified otherwise, by your team coach or manager. Even in wet weather conditions, unless grounds are closed because there is a danger to the players through poor field condition, training and games will proceed. No outdoor activities will be allowed during thunder & lightning storms.

Always check with your team coach because alternative arrangements may have been made for scheduled training and games.

Postponement or cancellation is recommended for events involving adults at a temperature of 37° .
Postponement or cancellation is recommended for events involving children at a temperature of 32° .
Postponements or cancellations at the recommended temperatures should be applied in consideration of local conditions.


During wet weather conditions we will update the state of our grounds (fields) via our online channels. Although grounds may be closed you should always check with your coach in case other arrangements have been made for training.

Sometimes grounds are closed or restricted for maintenance or safety reasons.


Greystanes FC club merchandise is available from our online store. Please note that no physical store exists. All orders must be made online.
Polos, hoodies, caps, beenies, water bottles and more for women, men and kids; various sizes available for clothing.
Online designer available to design your own.
Purchases support the Club.

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contact secretary

Grading concerns are handled by our club secretary.
: 6 + 6 =

working with children

Clubs are obliged and require all volunteers (except as listed below) who work with or supervise children to apply for a Working With Children Check.

As with other state and territory models, the NSW Working With Children Check allows parents to volunteer in activities that involve their own children without needing a Check. However, this is NOT a blanket exemption for all parent volunteers.

If the work is part of a formal mentoring program or involves intimate personal care of children with a disability, the parent volunteer must get a Check.

There are only two exemptions for parent volunteers:

  1. Volunteering by a parent or close relative of a child in activities for the child’s school, early education service or other educational institution.
  2. Volunteering by a parent or close relative, with a team, program or other activity in which the child usually participates or is a team member.
If the volunteering work fits either of these descriptions, the parent does not need to get at Check.

For more information, see the Child Protection (Working with Children) Regulation 2013.


Member Protection Information Officer

Greystanes FC has a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO). The role of the MPIO is to be the first point of contact for anyone with an enquiry or concern about a member protection issue.  The MPIO is a sounding board for these concerns and can offer information on complaint resolution, policies and other aspects of the issue being discussed. 

The MPIO does not offer advice, suggestions or recommendations and the MPIO does not investigate complaints or reports.  It is the responsibility of the Club (President and/or Executive) to decide who investigates complaints or reports but it should never be the MPIO who conducts the investigation.

Member Protection encompasses several areas: Harassment, abuse, victimisation, racial vilification, child protection and bullying. Any matters outside of this scope are not member protection matters.

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