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summer football

No summer football competition this season.

code of conduct

  1. The Organising Committee and/or Greystanes FC Committee will be treated with RESPECT.
  2. Referees are AT ALL TIMES to be treated with respect.
  3. Referees decisions are final. Referees have the full backing of the Organising Committee.
  4. The Organising Committee reserves the right to suspend or expel any team found guilty of persistent misconduct.
  5. Team Officials will be responsible for their spectators. If persistent misbehaviour takes place the team will lose points and could face expulsion from the competition.
  6. Swearing and abuse against any person will not be tolerated; penalties apply.
  7. The Organising Committee WILL NOT tolerate misconduct.
  8. Greystanes FC strongly agrees with and supports the Zero Tolerance Policy (ZTP).
  9. Bathurst Street Park is an Alcohol Free Zone. No alcohol products are to consumed on or near the playing fields.
  10. Bathurst Street Park is a Smoke Free Zone. No tobacco products are to consumed on or near the playing fields.
  11. Please do not litter. Place all rubbish in the bins.
park signs

six-a-side competition rules

gdsfa by-laws

The By-Laws cover the activities and conduct of all persons associated with the game of Football (Soccer), under the jurisdiction of the Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association. All policies adopted and published by the Association shall form part of the By-Laws.


Penalties may be imposed for any breach of these By-Laws, and for any other matter concerning the conduct of Football (Soccer) which is not expressly mentioned in these By-Laws.

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