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Sydney UVI

UV levels

Don't be fooled

When UV levels are 3 and above, the sun's rays are strong enough to damage your skin and put you at risk.

Don’t be fooled by cooler weather or by cloud cover, you are still at risk of sunburn when playing sports in spring and autumn! Even in winter in many parts of NSW, UV levels remain 3 or above for some or all of the day and sun protection remains important.

Sources: Cancer Council NSW and Sunsmart NSW.

air quality

Sydney AQI

Air Quality Index

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a scale of air pollution. It's a measure of how clean or polluted the air is.

The AQI will help you understand the current level of air quality with a number value and colour code; a lower value indicates better air quality and a higher value, worse. Hover over the number value for details.

Source: Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW).


Climate data is presented on this website for the purpose of disseminating information about weather, air pollution levels and solar ultraviolet radiation levels for the benefit of Club Members only and is not intended for use by the general public. Nothing contained in this website, or the data presented, is intended to be used as a substitute for a health professional's advice. The Club does not accept any liability for any injury, loss, damage, costs incurred or any consequences resulting directly or indirectly by use of or reliance on the information presented on this website. Information is obtained automatically from government agencies' data feeds. Before relying on the information presented on this website, users should carefully evaluate its accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance for their purposes, and should obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances. The Club cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information.

grounds updates

Sports Ground Closure Information

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Updates are posted during the football season for fields used by and under our responsibility only.

Council determines if grounds are open but we remain responsible for determining suitability of grounds in terms of player safety and potential ground damage.

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Cumberland City Council Grounds Information & Closures

Cumberland City Council Grounds Information & Closures

You can check if a sporting ground is open or closed by calling the information line or visiting the 'Sports Ground Closures' website page; details below. This information line is available to the public 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

During times of extreme weather conditions Council will assess its playing fields and update the information line by 3pm Monday to Thursday and by 12 noon on Fridays.

More information see policy below.


Cumberland City Council

Sports Ground Closures Information Telephone Line 8757 9025

Cumberland City Council

Sports Ground Closures Information Website

Club Responsibilities

When Council determines that grounds are open users remain responsible for determining the suitability of grounds for use of individual grounds in terms of player safety and potential ground damage and are requested to exercise discretion in the event of any wet weather.

If sportsgrounds are closed by Council, clubs and organisations do not have the authority to approve their use.

Council’s decision on whether to close a sportsground will be based on the likelihood of injury to players, the likelihood of damage to the playing surface and the prevailing weather forecast.

If Council’s ground closure instructions are ignored and play goes ahead, the user will be responsible for the full cost of repair to the field(s) and their usage arrangements may be terminated.

Even if Council deems a sportsground to be open at 12.00pm on Friday, clubs and organisations don’t have to play if rain occurs later that day or during the weekend and injury to players or damage to the sportsground becomes a possibility.

Cumberland Council LGA

Cumberland Council LGA

City of Parramatta Grounds Information & Closures

City of Parramatta Grounds Information & Closures

You can check the status of a sports ground during wet weather with the Wet Weather Line or City of Parramatta 'Sports Ground closure information' website page. The line is updated at 3:00pm on weekdays and before 7:00am on Saturdays.

When a ground is closed it is closed for that night and the following day, until the Wet Weather Line / website is updated again in the afternoon.

More information see policy below.


City of Parramatta

Sports Ground Closures Information Telephone Line 9294 8586

City of Parramatta

Sports Ground Closures Information Website

Club Responsibilities

City of Parramatta provides up-to-date sports ground closure information in the local governmental area. Users are encouraged to monitor the information daily, as grounds can remain closed for several days after a period of rain.

The use of a sporting field following significant rainfall can damage the playing surface and raise risk management issues with emphasis on player safety. To ensure that our sporting fields are maintained at a safe standard, it is necessary for City of Parramatta to close grounds until they are suitable for use again. 

All users and hiring users must observe sporting field closures, as liability for the cost of rectifying any wet weather damage will be incurred.

When a ground is closed it is closed for that night and the following day, until the Wet Weather Line is updated again in the afternoon. Sports ground floodlighting is not operational when fields are closed.

Blacktown City Council Sports Field Closures

Blacktown City Council Sports Field Closures

Blacktown City Council updates their Sports Field Closures page on weekdays only. If a field is shown as closed on a Friday, it will remain closed over the weekend.

If a field is shown as closed, no activities are to take place there until it is reopened.

hot weather policy

sun thermometer
Nice aussie weather...
don't forget Slip, Slop, Slap

Applicable to all Football NSW competitions and events.

With high temperatures consideration must be given to the effects of heat and humidity on amateur athletes, particularly children, involved in football activities.

Football NSW recommends the following in accordance with duty of care and information as issued by Sports Medicine Australia.

Recommended Temperatures

Recommended temperatures for cancellation or postponement of events including games, training or any other physical activities. Cancellations or postponements at the recommended temperatures should be applied in consideration of local conditions.

Postponement or cancellation is recommended for events involving adults at a temperature of 37° celsius.

CHILDREN (up to and including 16 years of age)
Postponement or cancellation is recommended for events involving children at a temperature of 32° celsius.
CAUTION: These are the maximum cancellation temperatures. Cancellation of games, training or events at lower temperatures may be necessary depending on factors such as: humidity; local conditions including radiant heat from synthetic surfaces and lack of ventilation at indoor centres; player wellbeing; and player acclimatisation. Note that young children are especially at risk in the heat and should not be forced to continue playing or training if they appear distressed or complain about feeling unwell.

wet weather policy

rain cloud

Assume all training and games are on during wet weather

You will be notified of any changes by your team coach/manager but during wet weather conditions all training and games are assumed to be on, as scheduled.

Always communicate with your team coach/manager as they will have the latest information regarding cancelled, rescheduled or transferred training and games.

Greystanes FC ground closure information can be found on this page and website. For information on other Clubs' grounds visit the GDSFA or the relevant Council's page (info on this page).

lightning policy


Look Up Look Out
30/30 Rule

Take appropriate shelter when you count 30 seconds or fewer between lightning and thunder. Then remain sheltered for 30 minutes after the last thunder.

  1. Never shelter under a tree or group of trees or in an open field or in small open structures such as picnic shelters.
  2. Stay away from metal poles, fences, clothes lines.
  3. Do not use umbrellas or mobile telephones.

Preferably shelter in a large building. Once inside, stay away from corded telephones, electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, radios, microphones, electric sockets and plumbing.  Do not watch lightning from open windows or doorways.

You should wait a minimum of 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder is heard before resuming outdoor activities.


grounds safety signs
  • Drive safely in and around our parks. When at our grounds please take care with pedestrians, especially children, when driving and parking your vehicle.
  • Smoking is banned in spectator areas of all sports grounds during organised sport events. Penalties apply.
  • Alcohol Free Zone. No alcohol products are to consumed on or near the playing fields. Penalties apply.
  • Keep our parks clean by putting all your rubbish in the garbage bins provided or take it with you.

automatic external defribrillator

automatic external defribrillator image

Defibrillator units are located inside the Bathurst Street Park canteen


gfc fields

Home Ground

Our home ground is Bathurst Street Park. Majority of games are played at Bathurst Street Park with overflow at Alpha Road & Daniel Street parks. Scroll down for more info & directions.

Bathurst Street Park

Ballina, Street Greystanes
  • Shade
  • Playground
  • Parking (Ballina Street only)
  • Toilets & changerooms
  • Canteen
  • AE defribillator
  • Spectator grandstand
  • Seating
  • Mini fields
  • Field lighting

Alpha Road Park

Alpha Road, Greystanes
  • Shade
  • Parking
  • Toilets & changerooms
  • AE defribillator

field layout at Bathurst Street Park

Bathurst Street Park field layout

grounds & directions

Ground name and code with travel directions Annangrove Oval     Apha Road Park  ALP  Arthur Phillip Reserve     Athol Barnes Reserve     Bathurst Street Reserve  BTH   Bella Vista Oval  BEL   Bernie Mullane Complex  BMC   Binalong Oval  BIN   Coleman Park  CLM   Colquhuon Park  COL   Commercial Road Reserve  COM  Crestwood Reserve  CRE  Curtis Oval  CRT  Daniel Street Park  DAN  Eric Mobbs Reserve  EMR  Eric Primrose Reserve  ERC  Everley Park North  EVE  Francesco Crescent Reserve  FCO  Freame Park  FRE  Fred Caterson Reserve  FRD  Garside Park    George Kendall Riverside Park  GKR  Gilroy College    Girraween Park  GIR  Granville Park    Greenup Park    Guildford Park  GLD  Guildford West Sports Ground  GLW  Harry Gapes Reserve  HGR  Hazel Ryan Oval  HZR  Jones Park  JON  King Park  KNG  Masonic Schools  MAS  Max Ruddock Reserve  MAX  McCoy Park  MCC  Melita Stadium    Memorial Park  MEM  Merrylands Park  MRY  Mona Park    Murray Farm Reserve  MUR  North Rocks Park  NRP  Philips Park  PHL  Princes Park  PRP  Progress Park  PRG  Ray Marshall Reserve  RAY  Robin Thomas Reserve  ROB  Ron Mondy Oval  RMD  Rydalmere Park  RYD  Second Ponds Oval, Rouse Hill  SCP  Sydney Smith Reserve  SYD  Ted Burge Sportsground  TBS  Ted Horwood Reserve  TED  Webbs Avenue Reserve  WEB  Wilson Park  WIL  Wyatt Park         

Granville Association

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Blacktown Association

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Member Protection Information Officer

Greystanes FC has a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO). The role of the MPIO is to be the first point of contact for anyone with an enquiry or concern about a member protection issue.  The MPIO is a sounding board for these concerns and can offer information on complaint resolution, policies and other aspects of the issue being discussed. 

The MPIO does not offer advice, suggestions or recommendations and the MPIO does not investigate complaints or reports.  It is the responsibility of the Club (President and/or Executive) to decide who investigates complaints or reports but it should never be the MPIO who conducts the investigation.

Member Protection encompasses several areas: Harassment, abuse, victimisation, racial vilification, child protection and bullying. Any matters outside of this scope are not member protection matters.

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